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We Rise Partners with 1st Start Lacrosse to Introduce Lacrosse

Is your young 🤩 superstar 🤩 athlete ready to rise?

The Fall season is about to get a whole lot more dynamic for your little ones, as We Rise and 1st Start Lacrosse join forces to provide a comprehensive and engaging introduction to the world of lacrosse. Tailored specifically for children at the pre-K and kindergarten stages, this partnership merges expert coaching, innovative curriculum, and a commitment to fostering a lifelong love for sports.

🥍 Key Highlights of the Partnership:

Dynamic Introduction to Lacrosse: 1st Start Lacrosse brings its renowned expertise to the table, crafting a curriculum that makes learning the basics of lacrosse an absolute blast. Your child will step onto the field with confidence, equipped with foundational skills that set the stage for a lifelong journey in sports.

We Rise's Expertise: We Rise, known for its top-notch youth sports programs, is dedicated to providing an environment where children thrive physically and mentally. With an emphasis on building character, teamwork, and self-confidence, We Rise complements 1st Start Lacrosse's engaging curriculum seamlessly.

Unleash Potential: This partnership is more than just an introduction to lacrosse – it's a gateway to a world of limitless potential. We Rise and 1st Start Lacrosse empower children to dream big, work hard, and embrace the joy of sportsmanship and healthy competition.

Fall Program Details:

  • Age Group: 4-7

  • Location: MSI Sports Complex, Aston PA

  • Dates: 9/11 - 10/23 (Monday's 6-7 PM)

  • Enrollment: $149. Limited spots available; early registration is encouraged

How to Enroll: Don't miss out on this golden opportunity to kick-start your child's sports journey in a fun, engaging, and nurturing environment. Secure your child's spot in the Fall programs by visiting []

We Rise and 1st Start Lacrosse invite parents to witness the magic of early sports education, where passion, potential, and play converge. Join us this Fall and let your child be part of a dynamic experience that lays the foundation for a lifetime of athleticism, growth, and achievement. ⚡️About We Rise: We Rise is a leading youth sports performance company dedicated to empowering young athletes through expert coaching, innovative training, and character-building experiences. With a focus on fostering physical and mental growth, We Rise is committed to helping young talents rise to their fullest potential in a supportive and encouraging environment.

🤩About 1st Start Lacrosse: 1st Start Lacrosse is a distinguished program designed to introduce the sport of lacrosse to pre-K and kindergarten-aged children. With a mission to make learning lacrosse a fun and rewarding experience, 1st Start Lacrosse provides expert coaching and engaging curriculum that sparks a lifelong love for sports and teamwork.

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